Friday, December 8, 2006

DSTV responds to 'Be Unfaithful" advert

Vindicated! Yes!

I wasn't as much of a zealot as I thought I was. The DSTV Streetpole ad series that featured pouty-lips Rihanna with a subheading 'Be Unfaithful' - of couse referring to decoders at a special special low price... has been changed.

It now says Visit Paris. That's clever, while not encouraging promiscuity. Win win.

PS. Buhle Dlamini wrote a piece for Business Day on the same subject. Published 5 December. Self-congratulatory pat on the Scrubbed Up back for scooping the story by 15 days!

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mur said...

She is such an air-headed skank, but good blog though!