Monday, December 18, 2006

Health 2.0? Noooo...

It's arrived. Just when we're truly sick and tired of Web 2.0, Business 2.0, Consumer 2.0. Agh! Drumroll please... Health 2.0

Just what is it? Will have to find out. Here is, apparently, an example (got this off The Health Care Blog - worth a read).

Click4Care is a relatively new software company (although a lot older than most of those Health 2.0 companies I've been featuring) that’s spent a lot of time building a very, very complex system for what can broadly be described as care management, sold primarily to plans and payers—with United HealthGroup being the marquee customer so far.

Hmmm. Will wait for SA Doc to wash off the snot - and take a look at what this means in a South African context.

(SIDEBAR: SA Doc is on call at Coronation Hospital tonight. Thinking I should encourage a blow by blow pictorial of 8pm to 7am in the scary kiddy ward?)

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