Friday, October 27, 2006

To chop or not to chop?

This is going to be a one-sided argument. Because I'm writing it. Do you have any idea the kind of gunk that can get underneath a foreskin? An unlopped, useless piece of disease-harbouring flesh? Shudder.

Maybe I have weird friends, but this topic has come up more than once. There's always three sides. Don't cut it off. Have your parents cut it off. Have it be your decision whether you keep it or toss it (yikes!)

Oh dear Lord, please don't start me on the pro-choice argument. Yes, we live in a world of free choice - but parents make medical decisions for their kids ALL THE TIME! Try immunisations on for size (yes - it's a choice, some people don't believe in the MMR shot).

And to even name the foreskin argument over the much heftier Abortion Gig? It's a whole different ballpark to the manky extra slinky inch.

Do you really, really believe that having a foreskin gives you extra sexual pleasure? Aren't men battling to make the dreamy 10 minute mark anyway? You want them to feel more!?

Ok, ok. So you're chopped. You're obviously looking at all these dangly foreskins in the locker room, feeling this intense, brooding jealousy. Foreskin Envy. Yummy.

Well, there's hope! Now you too, can grow it back - seek out the the "professionals" who have this uncanny knack of stretching it out again. No kidding.

Next post - The ForeSkin. Part II. Revenge of the Sif.

Partly inspired by some silly chops on Carte Blanche.
Visit their site for links to the stretchy people.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Medical Cartoons!

It's actually quite hard to find good medical cartoons on the Internet. A quick Google Image search yielded some horribly poor results. But... we try harder. A some good 'uns we did find!

Hopefully courtesy of McHumor!

We don't have permission to reprint this - the nature of digital blog surgery being so quick and stuff - but kudos to the author / artist - and hope you like the publicity!

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Good Side of Manto?

So, people are always bashing on our Minister of Health... including us on this blog, I suppose. But perhaps we should take a tiny step back, not slip on the magic condiments and have a look where Manto has actually done some good.

For instance, when you're enjoying your next smoke-free dinner, courtesy of the glass cage that smokers are now confined to... Who do you have to thank? Manto!

Did you also know? Our friend Manto is following through quite nicely on the process started by Zuma (not the showering one) to implement more Primary and Secondary level care in the country. Now, although that means less money pumped into ICU's, specialised surgery and specialised skills development - it does mean more access to primary medicines, increased immunisation and better preventative care. Small steps, but certainly the right direction.

So, there's some Prozac at the end of the rainbow then?

PS. Manto is still a complete idiot when it comes to HIV. The country despairs!

What happened to firing Manto!?

While she remains in the news, what has happened to that wonderful collection of wit, anger and HIV curing fruit? We lament the loss of

Why? Anyone know what's going on?