Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ubuntu Linux in the Medical Industry... The ball rolls.

Hello chaps... Thanks for all the interest shown in the Ubuntu story so far. We are quite serious about pursuing the merits / sustainability of such an idea - with a view to handing over implementation to a non-profit... Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

A special thanks to the first couple of people to prick up their ears: Mike Stopforth, Aaron and Farrel. We'll keep gathering interested parties together and see what happens. That's usually how these things start.

Things we're particularly interested in, and will research for a couple of new year posts...
  1. 3rd World PC Projects. Who exports old PC's and to where?
  2. Sustainability. Nothing is for free anymore. If the idea on the table allows national collaboration in the medical field, and empowers the medical profession to be more efficient - who pays the bills?
  3. Software. I'll bring SA Doc into the fold here - we need to figure out firstly, what do hospitals / doctors / nurses ACTUALLY need in terms of software? What's available on the Linux platform.

As Farrel says in his comment on the initial post - this could be done by pretty much any Linux distribution - but why not use the perfectly good South African one then eh? (Note to self: Proudly South African involvement?).

Would be nice to get a response out of Ubuntu themselves. These ideas sometimes have a tendency to run away with themselves - the developers and distributors themselves may be able to push this thing along the right path...

We've already started digging for interesting stuff. That post coming up next...

Oh, and a shout out to the Ubuntu Blog (unofficial) - who was looking for interesting stuff being blogged - about Ubuntu!

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