Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gone marryin'

Hello lads and lasses! I'll be a little dormant for the next 3 weeks. SA DOC (aka Pharmy) and I are finally gettin' hitched. Holy Moly. I should be nervous right now eh? (T minus 6 hours).

Anyhoo - off to Thailand for the honeymoon - and going to try and not concern myself with posting. Keep your subscriptions up - call it a wedding present!


(PROBLEM: How the HELL to watch it in Thailand!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cardiomyopathy patient wants to run a half marathon!

Here's a great story - a friend of ours is a cardiomyopathy patient. This is basically a illness of the muscular walls of the heart - you can't overstress yourself at all or your heart can give out!

This chap, bless his brave soul, wants to run a half marathon in a years time or so. Some people would say WOMBAT. Others... brave lad.

Some advice from SA Doc...

1. Take it easy. Small steps, slow training and build up over months, not weeks.

2. Frequent checks with your cardiologist to make sure your medication is optimal and the heart muscle training is coming along well. Your Echo needs to be "A" OK!

3. Don't run with scissors.

Please go visit his site and drop the guy a comment or two as motivation. It's a great mission to have - and if patients from around the world can stumble upon this kind of positivity? Well, it just can't hurt.

Visit Mark's site here...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Health Minister Manto - the jokes fly...

Sigh. What can you do but gigggle like a girl and book yourself into private. With leadership like this...

Monday, September 3, 2007

All about House #3: Season 3 Bloopers...

And to top it off... some bloopers from Season #3. Everyone loves it. And no. I'm not just posting for the search engine traffic. Ok. Well. Maybe.