Saturday, November 4, 2006

The ForeSkin. Part II. Revenge of the Sif.

Right. As promised... the second post - bringing this whole sticky argument to a head. Cough. If you weren't convinced last time - three more points to try and sway it.

1. You will have a proven, lower risk of contracting STD's - not harbouring crawlies under there will help.

2. You therefore have a lower risk of contracting HIV. Less microtears. And, you did know that STD's and HIV like to hold hands?

3. And finally, come on guys, it just looks better! The "extra inch" it adds is more than compensated by the apparent increase in girth.

Not much more we can say, aside from thanks for the comments that are still coming in about the first post. It's obviously a touchy issue. Cough.

Some interesting foreskin envy links:

- Artificial Foreskin

- The Fate of the Foreskin: A Study of Circumcision?

- Would you rather be circumcised or uncircumcised?

- Speaking of Uncut

- The Unkindest Cut of All: Circumcision no longer a popular choice?

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Prasanna B said...

Andy Hadfield said...

Trying to figure out whether this is blogspam, or if you reckon the latest quotations from Mahatma Gandhi will be a useful contribution to the issue? It is one of faith, apparently?

Anonymous said...

If you work in a hospital, or are a doctor, then you have a financial incentive to recommend male circumcision. The circumcisions I've witnessed have been horribly brutal and caused much pain to the newborn. I've witnessed more than a few "botched" circs performed by you almighty doctors with the God complex. Those botched jobs will require additional corrective surgeries which will provide you all with even more money in your pockets.
As for hygiene, a penis with a forskin is cleaner than a womans labia.After all, women get urine, dead skin cells, menstral blood, warts, herpes lesions, and all sorts of stuff on their labia. Why don't we hack off all female labia so there isn't any bad odor,taste, or disease "down there"! Yeah, that's what we should do. Think about how much money you could make if we circumcised EVERYONE!!!! Yay!

Until then, why don't you leave poor babies alone and let them make the circumcision decison for themself *if* they decide they want it when they are older. Chances are, they'll enjoy their perfect body just the way nature created it.

Karen Little said...

Dude, I think you're a being a bit old-fashioned regarding the foreskin issue. I'm very pro-foreskin - unless it's already coated in a pretty little bunch of condylomata or belongs to someone who doesn't actually know what soap is. Ja, smegma's disgusting - carcinogenic, STI-ogenic, and all the rest - but in a male advanced enough to retract his vooruit and give himself a little wipe once a day, smegma is not a problem. The risk of complication during or after circumcision far outweighs any perceived cosmetic benefit you're gonna get from it as far as I'm concerned.

SA Doc said...

Hey hey, nice to see some debate - love it. You know, when you work in the government, you get paid a set salary - so I'm not exactly holding a flag up and saying, "Come, let me do circumcisions!". I think there's a lot of debate flying around about a topic that people are NOT properly informed over.

Anonymous, who wants to hack off labia around the world - is obviously not a doctor - fair enough. But interesting point coming out of that - there are actually 2 methods of circumcision. Pull and Snip. And the slow method which protects the glands. Perhaps the urologist you're referring to needs to check his methodologies!

AND... in my opinion, any urologist will still do a better job than what's happening in the heart of rural south africa.

knowledge is empowerment. No?

And Karen - also fair point there - but this "advanced" male you talk about that has the kop to clean his little kop, still doesn't fathom the need for a condom most of the time. In that case - I would vote lowering HIV transmission rates.

Anonymous said...

I think we all need to step back and realize that circumcision in tribal Africa is a totally different animal than circumcision in the US or any other civilized country. In any part of the world, your chances of HIV infection are the SAME across the board if you're wearing a condom.

So, granted, if you're NOT going to wear a condom, yes, better to be cut if you intend on sleeping around in a target-rich environment. BUT, if you live in an industrialized nation, why would you give your helpless son what ultimately amounts to a cosmetic surgery that he may or may not want? At least if he's older HE can make the decision. After all, whose penis is it anyway? (Hint: NOT YOURS!)

cardiogirl said...

I am SO glad I'm a chick.

Who has daughters.