Wednesday, April 18, 2007

HIV: An MTV Advert?

This is being email around a bit at the moment. Allegedly, it's an MTV advert that got banned pretty quickly by the US Government. Whether that's true or not, I'm not sure... but the message is pretty strong.

(text next to building)
2863 people died.

(text next to man)
40 million people are infected with HIV worldwide.
The world united against terrorism.
It should also be united against AIDS.

It was actually part of a series - according to the email. World Hunger. Unemployment etc. Can anyone confirm whether this was an actual campaign? Or just a product of the overactive net?


Whispers said...

i have not seen this before but I think it is a brilliant advert! Hard hitting, but hell isn't that the best way to get a point across?

Andy Hadfield said...

It is, It is... would be even better if it was an actual MTN ad...

Whispers said...

mmm. yes.... goes off to search.

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