Thursday, April 5, 2007

Men and Their Penises.

I think its very funny when men come to the practice, sporting problems with their nether regions. They, the nether people, come in two varieties:

ONE. So self conscious about having a doctor examine anywhere below the fluff, that they barely open their pants to show me the goods. What do they think? I'm going to jump them, or laugh? Are they worried about getting an erection? Or are they good, ol' fashioned shy? Maybe it's because men don't often have to show their dangly bits to anyone besides their mother... I can't treat it, if I can't see it!

Women on the other hand, have to endure at least yearly checkups, lying spread-eagled on a cold bed doing the nasty with steel speculums. Do you see us worrying?

TWO. So overconfident about his manhood that he parades it around like a clown on a bicycle. Even after I've examined him, this specimen proudly stands around, pants at ankles, admiring me and his raging boner. Pull your pants up, dude. What do they expect? A measurement? An opinion?

Kind of like the guy above. Sigh. Men are bizarre. I should have been a Gynae.


--Sunrise-- said...

LOL.. :D

sa doc said...

uh huh. the guy in the picture cracks me up.

health watch center said...

Hi SA Doc,

LOL.....I had to laugh first before posting...but not for this post....but yes Men Their Penises post...and other posts have added humor in medical information...keep the good work going... Laughing is always a good medicine for all diseases...well I am a new reader of your blog...just wanted to say hi...

Self Help Zone

SA Doc said...

Why thank you! Stick a condom on that love and spread it!