Monday, April 16, 2007

A Doctor's Hangover Cure

I read about so many hangover cures. Raw eggs, McDonalds, Bloody Mary's (with vodka) and other such trivialities. But nothing beats the good 'ol cure I learnt at Baragwanath.

Jet Fuel.

* 1 x drunken sod
* 4 cups IV saline + glucose
* a pinch of Vitamin B Co
* a teaspoon of B12
* a teaspoon of Thiamine
* a dollop of CalMag (calcium + magnesium)

Administer all with 14 guage jellco - that's like the shotgun approach to needles.

Right as rain in no time. I've offered it out - while the hungover boys watch sport, I'll catherterise them and hook them up to the IV. They refused. Don't know why?

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