Friday, February 2, 2007

A tale of two penises

Picture the scene. Early morning admissions. I woke up early, ready to cure the world (as one does). Man comes in. His file, under previous admissions has this one, fairly interesting entry.

"Admitted, xx/xx/xxxx, severe bite to penis".

Cool! Morbid doctor curiousity sets in. So, baba, how can I help you today?

"She did it again."

Dude. This second presenting case of penis bite had more than half the foreskin hanging off. Meaning it had to have been almost ENTIRELY inside "her" mouth when it got bit.

You've got to start wondering about the mentality here! Once bitten twice shy? Evidently not.

Although mildy amusing, this is an interesting example of the moral dilemmas that beset us Doc's every day. What if this was a rape? Gotta treat him anyway. What if you wanted to call him an idiot and tell him not to force the bloody thing where it's obviously not wanted? Can't. Gotta treat him anyway.

Sometimes it's hard to stay distant. I hope I don't see penis bite boy again. I might feel the need to swab excessively.


Mark said...

Hey Hey,

Awesome Blog. I linked to it from Blogs of Medical Students

Thanks for posting and sending a link. Check back from time to time.

The Anonymous Medical Student said...

Wowsers! Good Stuff on reporting the case of the penis biter! Whoa.

SA Doc said...

Thanks! You should have treated it! Nasty!

Whispers said...

How daft do you actually have to be to get your penis mauled... TWICE? That'll teach him (hopefully) not to shove it where the sun don't shine.. or atleast where the sun has nasty big TEETH!