Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Discovery investigates (refutes?) Schabir Shaik’s 76 day medical aid claim!

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Medical scheme, Discovery Health, is investigating claims made by fraud convict Schabir Shaik for his 76-day stay at a Durban hospital, the Sunday Times reported.

Yeah. Isn’t it great when your medical aid is working for you. Making sure dodgy claims get thoroughly investigated before implementing a rate hike to cover its losses.

Shaik, a dependent on his wife Zuleika's Discovery medical scheme, was admitted to a private hospital, St Augustine's, where the cost of his bed alone totals more than R150 000.

His admission into hospital, 16 days after his prison term commenced, sparked an outcry from medical experts and the public.

No shit, Sherlock! R150k just on a bed is a cause for concern! So is the very fortunate timing of our beloved fraudster taking ill.

I wonder what’s wrong with the poor man? Nothing a quick stint at Bara won’t fix?

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