Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Scrubs - Guy Lovin'

Oh my. What truly goes on in the halls of those dank hospitals, at 4am, with little sleep, and a little raiding of the medical supplies. HAR. HAR. This cracked me up. Anyone who doesn't watch Scrubs. Well, silly you.


Michelle said...

I loved this episode! LOVED! I wanted the you tube to keep going- the Puerto Rican/Dominican song right after is great too. And the one about poop. Funny stuff.

I also like the tshirt stuff. I posted a few doc tshirt designs on my site too. I love advertising my nerdiness.

SA Doc said...

Dammit. Missed the poop song.

Michelle said...

Oh man! Well I have linked at my site now. Check it!

Michelle said...

the poo song that is, its in the So True post.

Anonymous said...

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