Friday, January 23, 2009

How to cure HIV

Sometimes, "lost in translation" can be bloody dangerous. See this site.

"What is this HIV Cure meant for?- This cure for HIV is a holistic HIV cure with A bio Magnetic Cards / Bio Magnetic Tablets and immune enhancing herbal medicines. No side effects in this. This s purely ethical and most successful treatment in the history of HIV. Very easy to use -Even a 10 year old boy can use this. This is most potent HIV cure available.

What is the procedure of action of treatment?
Bio Magnetic Cards Or Bio Magnetic Tablets will perform as very strong fusion inhibitor (entry inhibitor) that completely stop HIV cure from entering CD4 Cells. by creating a negative charge CD4 which will repel negatively charged HIV and prevent it from attaching the surface of CD4. So HIV can not complete its life cycle. Thus it will die in due course and will be expelled from body through excretion like that of urine etc.

What will be result-?
HIV will be destroyed and soon the body will start to gain weight . All symptoms will be subsided and CD4 count will be back to the normal. All opportunistic diseases will be cured as well. The HIV cure will be termed that because HIV 's end is the result of the HIV cure."

HIV is the biggest epidemic we've ever had. This kind of stuff makes me want to cry. It should be taken down. Someone phone Google.


Simon said...

Amazing. But ART is so inaccessible to many, it is worth while for these crooks to try to get their oar in. Making ART more accessible should help eradicate the hoaxes.

Paul Adams said...

Thanks for the nice post.
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Anonymous said...

There are many more natural ways to rid your body of this awful virus (HIV) contrary to all the poison of a cocktail they give you for an expensive price here is a link hope this helps out anybody out there killhivnaturally

Sheepish said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one fighting the good fight. My Anti-Helpcure page is here:

Tina Dellary said...

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Morgan Chatha said...

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Tina Dellary said...


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