Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Find your way around the Internet when sick...

Are you lost? Think you have a rare tropical disease? Which site do you trust?

The Aussie Government launched this initiative:

The Fifty-first World Health Assembly (Resolution WHA51.9, May 1998) requested the Director-General of WHO to develop a guide on medical products and the Internet. The guide was intended to serve as a model for Member States to adapt into locally meaningful advice for Internet users in order to help them to obtain reliable, independent and comparable information on medicinal products. The guide in this booklet has been prepared to meet the Health Assembly request. It has been developed in consultation with drug regulatory authorities, drug information experts, consumer organizations, and the pharmaceutical industry. It is a model guide, designed to be translated into national languages and modified as the local situation may require.

WHO would be grateful to receive any comments on experience gained from the practical use of the guide which would help in developing it further

At last. Someone who isn't just indexing all the bullshit diagnoses out there - and someone really trying to help the internet junkies properly embrace the cyberchondria!

It might be old. At least they're thinking right.

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