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GUEST POST: - Amazing Emergency Room Stories

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Amazing Emergency Room Stories
Every day hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are rushed to different hospitals emergency rooms. All of them with real injuries and physical complaints but with different reasons as to why they had to be hospitalized. Here are some funny emergency room stories. Whether or not they’re true events is up to you to decide but stranger things have happened. Or?

Tricky Contacts
On a regular Tuesday evening a local emergency room in Pennsylvania gets a visit by a man that can’t remove his contact lenses. Under the obvious influence of alcohol the man complains of his head aching and abnormal pains in his eyes. Explaining to the nurse that he has been trying to remove his without any luck. The contacts will only come out halfway before popping back in. The nurse then uses a suction pump to get the lenses out but with no result.

When the doctor finally examines the man he quickly realizes that the man has in fact not contact lenses but has being trying to remove the membrane of the cornea. Hence the pain in the eyes.

Don’t Ride An Ambulance in San Francisco
After answering a 911 call from an elderly woman paramedics are rushing back to the local San Francisco ER. While driving up an incline ambulance personnel witness how the back doors of the ambulance suddenly fling open. The stretcher with the resting woman flies out the back and rolls down the hills at a horrifying speed. Rolling through a crossing missing ongoing cars by mere inches the stretcher finally comes to a stop and tips over. The woman is found to be without any physical injuries but clearly chocked.

Bungee Jumping With A Foot Loose

Arriving to the emergency room of Tacoma, Washington, Kerry Bingham had spent the night drinking with his friends. After about the 5th pitcher somebody told the story of a friend of a friend of a friend who had bungee jumped from a nearby bridge during rush hour.

Inspired by the story Kerry and his friends decided to follow this dared devil’s example and too bungee jump from the very same bridge. Well there they realize they have no bungee jump cord, a minor detail according to Kerry who is drunk as a skunk by now.

Several minutes later Kerry’s left foot is strapped and secured to a coil of lineman’s cable and he makes the jump only to fall 40 feet before the cable stretches, feel his left foot being torn of his leg and tumble into the cold river beneath.

Miraculously Kerry survives the fall and is picked up by two fishermen and rushed to the local ER. He later thanks god for keeping an eye out for him and swears never to drink again.

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