Tuesday, November 6, 2007

THe World Famous All Scrubbed Up: "What is THAT?" Competition #1 Part 2 - The Answer!

Ladies and Germs. I'm proud to announce the winner of the first World Famous "What is THAT?" Competition - ... BONGI! Nice one gal!

SA DOC says:

It's a multifibroid uterus. And yip, the story is true (some details have been changed to protect the patient). I'm not so sure why SA Surgeon (his alias) was so keen to take it out - usually gynae territory apparently.

Next competition coming soon!

(PS. Bongi - if you want your picture on the blog - drop your email in the a comment. AND... as a BONUS PRIZE - you get to write a guest post on SA's biggest medical blog. Keen? Drop us a line!)


SA Doc said...

So, for all you non-medics out there: a multifibroid uterus is a non-cancerous condition when the muscle of your uterus just grows uncontrollably and makes lots of round, whorled muscle areas. These can be outside, in the middle of the muscle or inside the uterus. If they're small they can be removed off the uterus. If large - a hysteroctemy is required!

You can live with them but if they're as large as in this case or if they cause lots of increased period pains or increase menstrual bleeding then I suggest you see your gynae.

Anything else anyone wanna know?

Bongi said...

thank you.

small, point, though. i'm not a gal. quite male, actually.

Bongi said...

bongi is at bongi dot org

Andy Hadfield said...

BOLLOCKS! Sorry lad. :) Will drop you a mail now...