Wednesday, November 7, 2007

He drank so much - his liver split in half!

Spotted on Digg recently...

A young father who drank up to 15 bottles of wine a day died of cirrhosis so bad his liver had split in half, his family revealed yesterday.

Steven Massey, described as a 'Jack the lad', would drink his favourite Cassini sparkling perry 'just like he was drinking pop'.

The 21-year-old's death has devastated his parents and four older siblings, who hope his story will send out a shocking message about the perils of boozing.

I CANNOT believe that a 21-year-old could drink themselves to death!? Where the hell were the parents? Don't you think it's disgusting that you get first world countries where people are dying from social diseases.

Then I read a little further on, and this kiddie, Steven Massey, already has THREE CHILDREN! I ask again, where were the parents with the sex education (or at least a fuckin condom!). Bloody hell.

Split in half is fairly melo-dramatic. I guess it was so fragile, it just kinda fell apart. Lovely.

SA DOC's THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Social disorders are the hardest thing to deal with in society. You can't stop people drinking, having sex or taking drugs by reprimanding them. It takes a mindset shift. It takes a social change. And I hope to God first world countries out there (especially the ones who have a superiority complex over us third worlders) are doing something to fix this shit. Ahem. England.

Sorry about the anger, but I thought we only joked about towns where there was nothing to do except drink and have sex?

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