Thursday, June 21, 2007

The taste of medicine…

Medicines have always inherited the somewhat unfair rep of being so vile tasting, that not even hungry dogs would go close. Why? Safety? Maybe

I am a doctor that likes to taste things before I prescribe them to kids (need to know if there’s a chance they’lll take it - or I’ve lost the battle before it has even begun – and Mom has gotta force feed).

I’m here to reassure you. They’re not all that bad.

Kerry, a previous commentor on the nose suction wonderment is right is right though, pharmaceutical companies really need to think about the taste of syrups before they make them for kids. If it’s going to taste KAK - make them in suppositories! And deal with the consequences.

But since we won’t be getting a horde of bum tablets from the pharmaceutical companies any time soon, here are examples of winners and losers in the taste category:

Stopyne (berry flavour, yummy!)
Erythromycin (always my favourite)
Original Augmentin (bubblegum flavoured)
Prozef (strawberry flavoured – a clear winner from the kids)
Orelox (banana flavoured)
Lotem (better banana flavour)
Calpol (strawberry – the kids love this one, I personally hate the after taste!)

Buscopan (the most vile tasting concoction! Why did they even bother to make it! I just tell mom’s to crush the tablet into their food.)
Prelone (yuk!)
Viral guard (what were they thinking?)


Lior said...

I myself had an unhealthy love of the purple potion Dynatap. I welcomed runny noses in the comfort of that grape-ish nasal elixir. Pills are much less fun.

I really enjoy your blog. I'm a 4th year med student at Wits. Let me know if you ever need some material for the blog, I would love to write something.

Andy Hadfield said...

thanks a lot mate - appreciate the compliment. we'd be delighted to get some contributions going... drop us your email in a comment (disguised of course to prevent spammage) - and we'll chat it through...

SA Doc said...

Glad to hear that you love our blog.
Would love to have some med student contributions... after all, you collect the best stories from shadowing interns in government hospitals!

Kerry said...

Thanks for the post...
Spoke to a friend who used to be a pharm rep about this - she reckons that the stuff of which kiddy antibiotics are made is not stable enough to be presented in bumpill (had to laugh) format. What - we've been dabbling in medical science for centuries and can't make an antibiotic bumpill? Come on people!

Sorry - have to disagree with you on Orelox - worst possible fake banana flavour ever, and the cause of many tears in our household a few weeks back.

Anonymous said...

people have evidetly given up on bumpills. What's with that?!