Monday, June 4, 2007

Med student dissecting kit. Buy now!

I'll never understand these bloody med students. They're quite serious about selling you the following piece of hardware. And I say hardware because, well, you kind of expect this to come out in a movie like SAW.

Feast your eyes on the cold steel available for just under $30!

AMA-approved anatomy dissection kit for first year medical students!

The American Medical Association (AMA), America�s most prestigious medical organization, worked in conjunction with DR Instruments, professors, and medical students to design this kit for first year medical students. The 10GSM kit contains the most widely used dissection tools for first year anatomy classes.

DR Instruments offers over 125 dissection tools including a wide range of dissection kits for medical school anatomy classes.

To purchase additional or replacement tools, please click on the part number for more information and to place your order!!

10GSM kit contains following tools:

- Teasing needle bent with metal chuck | Part # 38|
- Teasing needle straight with metal chuck | Part # 37 |
- Iris scissors fine point 4.5" | Part # 9 |
- Surgical scissors 5.5", one point sharp and one point blunt | Part # 5SB |
- Cartilage knife | Part # 26 |
- 1 x 2 Teeth tissue forceps 4.5" | Part # 13-T |
- Scalpel handle # 3 | Part # 27 |
- Scalpel blade # 10, pack of 10 blades | Blades for handle # 3 |
- Mall probe chrome plated | Part # 36 |
- Hemostatic forceps 5", Curved | Part # 45CD |
- Ruler 6" plastic ( Part # 30)

Buy it here, if you dare.


SA Doc said...

Um. I have one. Very normal. You wanna see it?

Dionne said...

Me too... How are you supposed to do dissection??
All medical students have one a some stage or another...

Andy Hadfield said...

Jajaja. I thought it was weird and macabre. But it does seem commonplace. Playing with your second year skeleton is NOT commonplace though!

Naveen Sharma said...

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