Thursday, March 1, 2007

Medical insurance heading the automotive route?

I spotted a Google Ad popping up on the left, in fact I spotted 3... All advertising local South African medical insurance brokerage lists and quotes. Visited one and read this:

Not all medical schemes are open to the public. In fact, of the 160 medical schemes, only about 40 is open to the public. This number might decrease over the years as the larger schemes take over the smaller ones.

So how do you choose a medical scheme or hospital plan, a specific option of the scheme, which benefits to include or exclude? In this ever-changing environment, you need the services and advice of an independent intermediary. Someone who doesn't only have the interests of a specific medical scheme at hart, but one who can guide you to ensure your needs are met.

I don't know whether to be interested, happy or sad about this. It might be indicative of medical aids going the way of car insurance. Middle men, middle middle men, middle men who cut out the middle men.

Fact is, this is medical insurance. There's a lot more to be careful about don't you think? A lot more at stake than a ding on your bumper.

AND, I'm not sure how it is oversees - but in SA, medical insurance is complicated. Plenty of hidden clauses, fancy words and limitations.

I'm watching this one with interest.

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