Monday, October 23, 2006

The Good Side of Manto?

So, people are always bashing on our Minister of Health... including us on this blog, I suppose. But perhaps we should take a tiny step back, not slip on the magic condiments and have a look where Manto has actually done some good.

For instance, when you're enjoying your next smoke-free dinner, courtesy of the glass cage that smokers are now confined to... Who do you have to thank? Manto!

Did you also know? Our friend Manto is following through quite nicely on the process started by Zuma (not the showering one) to implement more Primary and Secondary level care in the country. Now, although that means less money pumped into ICU's, specialised surgery and specialised skills development - it does mean more access to primary medicines, increased immunisation and better preventative care. Small steps, but certainly the right direction.

So, there's some Prozac at the end of the rainbow then?

PS. Manto is still a complete idiot when it comes to HIV. The country despairs!

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