Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Anyone still listening?

So, SA Doc is losing a bit of faith in this blog, not finding the time to feed her ghost writer with juicy medical tidbits. Is there anyone out there still reading this?

Time to pack in the towel on 2 years of awesome medical blogging and fun - or should we kick SA Doc in the ass and get some more stories?


rlbates said...

Still here.

Andy Hadfield said...

Excellent to hear!

I still think there's massive value in a blog, not only from networking standpoint - but also from an "ability to VENT" pov :)

igitur said...

I'm here too. :)

meow said...

I'm here also

And I can kick you in the ass if you wish, cause that blog better stay open!

Andy Hadfield said...

@meow HAHA! Perhaps it's needed.

thanks all for support - keep it coming! SA Doc is a tough nut to crack.

@buchty Well, at least "spam" is still listening.

nikkinag said...

I'm here too...oops!

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