Tuesday, March 18, 2008

GUEST POST: Are Ya Juicin' It? Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid Abuse

Welcome to our second guest poster on All Scrubbed Up... Brian Carty of HotMedicalNews.com. Here's an indepth look at the effect of steroids in body builders. Chilling stuff.

By Brian Carty, MD, MSPH
March 14, 2008

Irritable, angry, aggressive, but feeling strong and invincible, Mr. A, 32, a bodybuilder and prison guard, stopped at a convenience store to call his boss. Car trouble on the way to work.. He would be late.

Bodybuilder and enhanced performance

[With permission of Steve Michalik. Mr. Michalik, a former Mr. America and Mr. Universe, once used steroids and suffered as a result. He is now an energetic and outspoken opponent of steroid abuse.]

Mr. A was taking his fifth cycle of anabolic-androgenic steroids (abbreviated in this article as "steroids"), and he was "stacking," combining high doses of several different steroids, sometimes referred to by the slang term "juice." The woman working at the convenience store noted his uniform and joked, "You officers use my phone so much, I ought to start charging for it." Mr. A was strangely disturbed by this remark. He felt that the woman had criticized and demeaned him, and he was obsessed by the remark that afternoon and throughout the night. He slept poorly. His wife could not reassure him.

'Roid Rage
Later, he said that he wanted to "scare the lady in return for that remark she made to me." In the morning Mr. A drove back to the convenience store and forced the woman into his car. She fought back, biting his hand and grabbing his revolver which fired through the windshield. Although he subdued her and drove away, when the car stopped she bolted from the car. He shot her in the back as she fled, leaving her permanently paralyzed. Mr. A was later arrested, tried, and sentenced to twenty years in prison. After his arrest and withdrawal from steroids, he developed major depression which resolved in a month.

This case and several other cases of homicide or near-homicide by anabolic steroid abusers are presented in an article by Dr. Harrison Pope, Jr., and Dr. David Katz in the January 1990 Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.

Read more on this subject at Brian's site here (continuation of article)...


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