Friday, January 11, 2008

Best Of All Scrubbed Up (Part 2)

Not enough bloggers take the time to go back in the archives and rehash some of their best material... Egotistically speaking of course.

But we're different.

WELCOME TO PART 2 - The Best of All Scrubbed Up

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The World famous WHAT IS THAT?!? Competition

Ah. Nothing draws crowds like a bit of guess-the-gross-thing-on-the-operating-table. This series of posts probably ranks as the most popular we've ever written for All Scrubbed Up. Read Part 1 of the competition here - or click here to browse through all the posts and their respective answers (reveals!).

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HIV people CAN have children...

And then a heart-warming piece about an experience SA Doc had with some HIV patients. We must never forget our empathy - especially being South Africans, living in the health environment we do.

Aids is not a disease. It's a human rights issue.

- Nelson Mandela, 2005.

Read the post here.

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And there ends the lesson. What do you think of the BEST OF selection? Let us know in the comments...

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