Monday, December 24, 2007

Two vaginas?

And THIS?!

Click the image to see it full size...

Yowsers. Will have to wait for SA Doc's comment on this. She's still at work.

I think this is two vagina lady's blog: I have two vaginas!

A quote from the article, if you will...

When I was dating, I'd just say, "So I have a little something to tell you." I never got any other reaction except, "Oh, my God, that's so cool," because they'd want to have sex in both sides and see what it felt like. Apparently, the right side is, well, more normal. The left side is a lot smaller. But they're both tight. That's a plus. I've got two G-spots, too, so I've always appreciated men who were extra dexterous with their fingers. I get to have two orgasms at the same time.

So, who calls bullshit?


Bongi said...

two vaginas is described. you can get two entire systems or two vaginas and one uterus or other combinations. very rare.

the simultaneous orgasms??? i doubt it. can't a woman just be happy with being multi-orgasmic without wanting them at the same time?

SA Doc said...

Yip. Possible. Very very rare, but possible. Without going into embryological detail... things can develop incorrectly. All it takes is a malfusion here and an incorrect cell line there and walla... you can have two vagina (usually with two uterii too).

Dual orgasms????

Most woman find it hard enough to get her man to hit the right spot enough times to have ONE orgasm.... Being a woman (and one who doesn't have a problem with orgasms) i am still very doubtful over her "talent".

Good for her if she can... but its more likely that she's playing "when Harry met Sally" to turn HIM on.

Jordan said...

my ex has two vaginas, but she's apparently undergoing some procedure to remove the middle section. i don't know the details, but it sounds like that won't really solve any problems except cosmetically, making her seem a little more "normal" in her own eyes.

she says she hates telling people because they freak out.

Anonymous said...

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