Monday, October 22, 2007

Managed Health Care... Here I come!

Some news! I've packed in the stethoscope & otoscope. Handed the snotty noses over to someone else. And have moved into managed healthcare. Hot damn! What a rush!

It's sad to be leaving some of the patients - who I really liked. I realised the other day how much of an influence I had (all Doctors have) in some people's lives. I'll miss hearing about the progress. And when I say progress, I don't mean medical. Who got their drivers license, picked a school for their kids or got the job they'd been hunting for size months. You get close.

But we must move on. Doing:

A) What makes us happy

B) What challenges us

C) Something which allows us to make the most impact.

Sometimes I felt like I was wheelspinning in General Practice. Now, I have a chance to affect the bigger picture. And that thrills me.

More on the job later... Give me a while to settle in, and I'll have some controversial views as usual. I must say... It's interesting to be "on the other side". I've been screamed at by no less than 10 doctors in the first week. I'm usually the one doing the screaming.

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