Friday, May 25, 2007

Through the vagina to do what?!

Recently I read an article in the medical chronicals that blew me away. It was about a Doctor in New York (oh praise his alpha malesness) that is doing some experimental surgery... Wait for it... Trans-vaginal cholecystectomy!

Oh my. Maybe it is because I have a vagina that this shocks me, but can you really imagine having your gallbladder (which lies up under your right ribs) removed through your vagina. THAT'S A DISTANCE OF AT LEAST 25CM! And exactly what our trans-vaginal cholecystectomy pioneer dude is attempting.

The article claims that it will cause less pain, less scarring and quicker recovery! As it is, the conventional way to remove a gallbladder is via laproscope. So... you choose: 5 small (1-2cm) cuts in your abdomen or getting the think yanked through your love hole?

This just proves the point that male doctors have no absolutely no cooking clue about female systems.

Let's see how much he would like the surgery if we did it trans-urethrally (that's up the japs eye for our non medical readers).


Richard Catto said...

Actually, surgery via the vagina has already been done.

The other option is through the mouth.

You can go back to work the same day.

SA Doc said...

i know that it has been done... but you're not taking my gallbladder out my vagina!!!! .... Mouth maybe....

Crabmommy said...

Is it boy? A girl?'s a gall bladder! Congratulations!

I too posted on this on my all things silly blog -- Crabmommy.

It does indeed seem weird. I am sure it's "non-invasive" to the docs but hey, I'm not so sure.

Pete said...

Non invasive?

Bongi said...

just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be done. viva the standard laparoscopic cholecystectomy

whispers said...

it astounds me that there is a woman in this world who is willing to have her gallbladder yanked out through her vagina! OMG.... WHY????? Just say no.

Coral said...

A horrible thought! Does he have a vagina? Can we practise on him?

Anonymous said...

as a twenty year old who scars horribly (I have hypertrophic scar tissue and i don't want to have something that ever looks like Will Ferrel's appendix scar) it's tempting...but I agree it seems like a long way of dragging it...and you would be disrupting a lot of lower abdominal organs that are normally ignored.

Andy Hadfield said...

i don't even have a vagina and it sounds painful. sometimes i reckon doctors event this stuff just to sounds cool.

you know what i did last friday Steve?

Ja. Boet. Yanked a gallbladder through the vag.

Har. Har.